Benefits of working abroad

Whether you're a graduate, gap year student, have just been dumped, 
bored of 9-5 life, hate the stampede of getting off the morning 
train or just want a change, working abroad can be for all of you.

And finding seasonal work isn’t as difficult as you think!

Thinking about making the first move is very daunting, but this isn’t a tinder date guys this is going out and seeing the world whilst making money (sounds much better than tinder already)!!

My 5 benefits of working abroad: 

  1. Experience a new country and culture visit a new country, see famous landmarks, meet new people and immerse yourself into a new local way of life. I really do believe you can learn a lot by spending time living in other countries and not just visiting them on a short holiday. It is also a fantastic way of making life long friends and the best bit is when you visit them in the future – free digs around the world!
  2. Learn a new language – the best way to learn a new language is to get out there and speak it! You may have some phrases up your sleeve before you go but you will surprise yourself with how much you can pick up and start understanding after just a few weeks. If you download the app Duolingo and actually use it of course, you’re laughing (in any language you choose!)
  3. Prepare yourself for travelling –  working abroad is an excellent stepping stone for travelling. Yes you’re going to live and work in a different country, but it doesn’t have to be a long term thing, there are so many short term/seasonal contracts out there. As long as you work for a well established company or for someone who you can trust, then you will feel more at ease. Seasonal work can be a little taster of what it is like to spend time in other countries and if it isn’t for you (and it isn’t for everyone), then you leave and come home, simple!
  4. Advance your skill set – working abroad isn’t for everyone but if you stick at it, it certainly shows you are adaptable! It also makes your CV stand out and gives you some interesting conversation starters in your future interviews. If you did decide to come back to your home country, your exposure to international work can help you fast track your career. You are likely to be faced with more  work challenges in a short period of time when working abroad which can only progress you more.
  5. Earn + SAVE money – depending on which country and job you opt for, salaries will vary. Income should be in line with what the living costs are for each country so for example Spain can be considerably lower pay as the cost to live there is also low. However, if you bag yourself a job in UAE, it will be tax free! With contract work, it is a great way to put money away and save for whatever you want (in my case, more travelling!)

It is important to research well on the company and country you are going to work with and in. Some processes may be slightly more complicated than others like visa applications and CRB checks. However, if you start off with a well established company, you should get full support in the entire process and some companies just send you consistent emails, explaining what the next step is you are to take. I’ve had the run up to new contract take 8 months and I’ve had another one thats take 8 days, it really isn’t as difficult as you may think. The greatest thing about this work is it is very flexible and you can work your summer and winter contracts out to slot in nicely together so you are employed all year round in different countries!