Slightly More Exotic

Malia July 2009 and 13 other girls went to Malia...No comment. Taba, Egypt and Israel Also in 2009, I went with Tish and her family to Taba, Egypt. We stayed at the Raddisson Blu, where we had a swim up pool bar. We went quad biking in the desert, sat up at the top … Continue reading Slightly More Exotic

18th with Mickey Mouse

Paris, France For my 18th birthday, after a Pussycatdolls concert (with Lady Gaga being the SUPPORT act - that makes me feel old) I got home to a surprise crate of blue wkd (though I'd already had a few years experience with things a tad stronger) along with 18 presents all numbered from 1-18. I … Continue reading 18th with Mickey Mouse