About Me

Get a job, meet someone, fall in love, buy a house, do a few trips to IKEA, get married, have a child or two and live happily ever after… I did the first couple of steps before I realised that I needed a slightly different journey in life.. 

I’m Steph, a 27 year old who loves an adventure! Originally from Manchester, England, I grew up as a keen Irish Dancer and always had (and still have) a love of family get togethers.

I moved to Redditch, Worcestershire aged 9 which is where my Mom, Step-Dad, brothers, sisters, niece and nephews still live… I often check back there if I’m skint or I need a washing machine but the majority of my time is spent on the go. It wasn’t until I was 15 when I went on a Mediterranean Cruise with my family and grandparents that I really developed a deep passion for travel.

Experiencing multiple cities and countries in one 2 week holiday and meeting the incredibly hard working crew onboard from all over the world gave me a small insight to just how big our world is.

I left my train commuting, 9-5 life and made the move to seasonal contract work which allows me to work and travel all around the world. From zip lining in Mexico and swimming with turtles in the Gili Islands to playing guitar with locals on Bali beaches and coming face to face with a wild bear in Alaska, you guys can keep up with all my crazy experiences.

Finding work that allows me to travel has changed my life, whether it is sailing the seas with Disney Cruise Line, teaching English in Europe, living on a campsite on the beach in France or working with Santa and his reindeer in the magical Lapland, for me it beats skidding into the office late because the train was delayed any day.

Sit back, relax and enjoy!