What to pack for Lapland?

Northern lights, husky sledding, reindeer sleighs… what’s not to love in Lapland! It makes a wonderful and magical Christmas vacation but imagine getting to work there with the real Santa?!

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When going out of your comfort zone to your usual hot destinations, it can be tricky to decide what to pack, even more so when it comes to doing a season out there for a few weeks. Although I have no issue in travelling light, Lapland is one place a suitcase is very much needed!! Depending on which resort you are allocated to, you could be in the middle of nowhere with the closest shop being a very long walk away that sells fresh watermelon for £12 each…. I know right?!!

So here are my TOP TIPS on what to pack:

  • Advent Calendar – after all it’s CHRISTMAS!
  • Thermal tops and leggings – the secret is to layer up and not just wear a bit fluffy coat!
  • Smart black trousers – these are usually required by the company for work wear
  • All of your toiletries – it’s SUPER expensive out there and very limited depending on where you are!
  • Foot warmers – without these you may cry
  • Hand warmers – very handy if you pardon the pun
  • Black scarf/snood – usually requested to have this colour by the company you work for
  • Home comforts for your room – fairy lights, cushions, blankets, tinsel, photos, little xmas decs etc
  • Xmas jumper – well durh
  • Xmas accessories – earrings, headbands etc
  • Any snacks you can’t live without from home – basically super noodles
  • Big woolly hat!
  • Balaclava – you laugh now but on a snowmobile you’re gonna need one!
  • Thermal cup – to take your christmassy hot choc to work
  • Christmas PJS and slippers – because you just have to
  • Driving license – so you can drive a snowmobile in the wilderness!
  • Laptop/iPad – to watch Xmas movies, get on tinternet
  • Phone chargers, adapters
  • Cash as who knows where the closest ATM is!
  • DVD’s/HDMI cable – if you’re lucky, you may have a TV in your accommodation and who doesn’t want to watch ELF in December?
  • Books/ cards/ ukulele/
    drinking games – quite often you will have to entertain yourselves outside of work as you can be in the middle of nowhere so it’s either that or trying to build a snowman which is almost impossible out there as the snow is like powder!

You should always be provided with a snowsuit  (like a big snow onesie!) and snow boots and then depending on the company you work for you may also get a hat, snood, mittens but you should always check so you know if you need to bring extra. Wear sensible gripped shoes on travelling there as there will be moments when you have to walk in the snow on the way to get your snow boots so you want to do an icy slip n slide in -40!

Screen Shot 2019-09-04 at 19.35.46

This is just a list of extra little bits you should pack along with all your other clothes, towels etc but I’ll also leave you with some of my top tips for Lapland:

  • Download the app ‘Aurora’ – this will tell you when the Northern Lights are due to be seen. It’s not 100% guaranteed but this app has always been pretty accurate for me
  • If you do see the Northern Lights, it’s best to keep away from any light pollution so it doesn’t affect what you see
  • Keep your phone in an inside pocket or keep it next to a hand warmer when you’re outside. Because the weather can get sold cold, the battery will drain immediately from your phone even if you have 100% charge 😦
  • Make sure you take a good camera out with you to catch memorable moments. Long exposure is best to be able to capture the stars and northern lights
  • When outside, keep as much as your face covered as possible, the cold can do wonderful things even if you don’t think you feel is as much
  • Avoid waterbed foundations because you can turn into the ice queen
  • It’s normal for your hair/eyelashes to freeze outside so be sure keep it up and tied back
  • Take advantage of excursions whilst you’re out there, if you get chance to go and see the reindeer or huskies then do, it’s so worth it!
  • Don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled all the time, you never know when you may see an arctic fox or a moose!
  • Layers, layers, layers!!!
  • Only go if you like Christmas because it’s Christmas every day!

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