Why work for Eurocamp & Alfresco

Do you have the travel bug again? Maybe you want to make that change from your 9-5? Or are you itching to take the first step of travelling? Whatever it is, I’m sure there are a million reasons on why you should go for it but for most of us the one thing preventing us from going right now is lack of money, right?

That’s why working abroad is the perfect way to travel, earn and save money (for more travelling??), meet new people, gain new life and work skills and even progress within your career.

I’m just about to start my third contract with Eurocamp & Alfresco having worked in different roles starting out as a Team Leader in South Vendee, Area Assistant/ Trainer in North Brittany and Normandy and now in Guest Services!

What I wish I knew before?

Thinking back to just before my first season, there are a few things I wish I had known before I went out. The first being the importance of having a travel friendly euro card. I forgot to take mine on my first contract and I just thought that I wouldn’t mind the odd bank charge now and again however, all those card transactions at the bar do add up you know! So put it this way, I’ve never forgotten it again!!

I also wish I knew exactly what to pack. Of course, you do always get guidelines on what to take with you but I’ve always been away for a lot of the year, so it’s definitely worth taking lots of home comforts to help you settle in.

One more thing…I wish I knew about Courier Christmas! On 25thJune, all couriers across Eurocamp & Alfresco sites celebrate Christmas as it is exactly 6 months until the day and as we don’t get to have a festive party together in December, it’s the perfect time to do it! So make sure you have room in your case for a Christmas jumper, Santa hat and Bisto gravy!

screen shot 2019-01-14 at 16.20.48

What it’s actually like?

Working for this company has been an easy decision for me to come back to. My seasons have been very different to each other but just as enjoyable having met, lived and worked with people from all around Europe and I’ve made friends for life. I’ve always taken advantage of exploring the local areas of the campsites I’ve been on whether I’ve hired a car or done activities on the site. From windsurfing on my first season to zip lining on my second season, it’s really important to get out and have fun in your time off. Your team become your family on season and there will be many opportunities to do team events like BBQs, quizzes, karaoke night, come dine with me, themed mobile crawls, bin bag dress up and a much loved game of tops!

Screen Shot 2019-01-14 at 16.19.31.png

My 3 tips to pass on to others

  • Do your research before you go! Research the campsite and area that you have been allocated so you can prepare for your new home away from home. Also take advantage of the facebook group ‘Team Eurocamp’ so you can connect with others prior to your departure date, ask any last questions and lookout for lots of tips!
  • Pack your home comforts and goodies! Some sites may not be next door to a supermarket (although you will get to go!) but if there are any British goodies you can’t live without like CADBURYS or your favourite teabags, bring a stash as the British aisle can be quite pricey out there or they may simply just not sell it. Also don’t forget to bring your photos, fairy lights and bedding so you can make your room your own. Top tip – Giffy in France is like a B&M and definitely worth a trip!
  • Take advantage of any extra qualifications that are available to you as well as career progression opportunities. The company is fantastic at allowing you to progress into new roles and offer you the right support to get there. If you can have fun whilst working to company standards – you’re on the right track!

It really is a great opportunity to work for this company and I’m sure you will cross pass with returning staff who have come back for more of the camping life! Summer seasons can also be great in linking in with winter seasons where you will still have time to travel in between.

Best of luck to you all and enjoy your future seasons!

Screen Shot 2019-01-14 at 16.21.03.png



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