Kameleon Rose

Travelling with just hand luggage can definitely have its benefits; no queue for the check in desk, no waiting at the carousel, no lifting heavy suitcases on and off transport and you have free hands to use your phone – bonus!

Of course it does also have its downsides too, like not being able to pack all the outfits you have been planning to take or having to sacrifice a pair of shoes for your straightener – annoying right?

So when I was catching up on my Dragon’s Den between my travels earlier in 2018, I came across a company called Kameleon Rose with clothing products designed by travellers for travellers; perfect! As I searched their range online, I really wanted to share this idea with other travellers like myself. I contacted them almost straight away and after speaking to the founder, Leila realised quickly we definitely have the same ideas when packing; ‘Pack Less, Travel More’.

5 Way Cardigan

I’ve now tried their 5 Way Cardigan in grey and their Ultimate Travel dress in red (which can I add can be worn in up to 20 different ways!). The 5 Way Cardigan can go from casual hoodie to an accessorised waterfall cardigan in just a few buttons! I love the jumper style the most as it’s super comfy and with a stow away hood, I can change the look in seconds! As I also have a habit of pulling my hoodie sleeves over my hands, I was very happy to see that this cardigan has thumbholes too so I don’t have to worry about stretching it! I’m really happy I have the grey colour as it goes with a lot of my jeans and leggings but I if I was to have another one, it’d have to be the navy one – simple and classy.

The material is quite thing to help with the travel light element, however it does keep you warm when the unwanted air con is on your plane! For colder countries or cities (like where I am now in Lapland!) it also makes a great layer under your coat just until you get inside.



Waterfall Cardigan

The Ultimate Travel Dress

With the Ultimate Travel dress, it really is incredible how many ways it can be worn. It can be rather fiddly at first to get the hang of how to change it round but there are videos online to follow and soon you are a pro! The majority of the dress outfits are different to each other though some are similar with either a different neckline or shorter/longer sleeves. The great thing about this dress is that it can be changed so much with a few accessories; jewellery, belt or jacket! The material isn’t usually one that I would normally go for and for that reason I think I would prefer it in the colour black as let’s face it, it goes with everything and I could dress it up or down as much as I want! However, as it is the festive period, the red one really makes your photos pop and steers you away from the all black wardrobe you might have if you’re like me!

Upon receiving the Ultimate Travel Dress, you may find you go back to the same few styles which you feel most comfiest in – I tend to wear the off the shoulder dress, high neckline dress and the poncho style look but have not yet used the long dress or skirt style. However, the good thing about it is, the options are always there if I change my mind. As well as changing to up to 20 different ways, it also hardly took up any space up in my rucksack and it actually weighs less than two bananas so think of how much other stuff you could get in to your hand luggage! The other feature I loved about it is that even  though it was rolled up in my rucksack for hours, it didn’t even need ironing – woohoo!

These two items have definitely allowed me to pack even lighter than I usually do (and trust me I’ve learnt to pack light!). They both have secret pockets which is handy for passports, money or other small travel essentials and as they are designed by travellers, they are perfectly travel friendly!


Off the shoulder dress








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