New project to help young Kenyan Football Team

Since returning from Africa last week, I have set up a new, personal project and would love your support to help some wonderful children we met in Kenya! Please read our story and SHARE!

On our recent travels to Kenya, Greg and I got to tick off some amazing bucket list must-do’s such as going on a safari, supporting anti elephant poaching and staying with two tribes!

In Mombasa, we stayed with a family who are Digo; an East African Tribe who work as who work as fishermen, farmers, basket weavers and potters. We lived exactly how they lived; eating and drinking only natural products; fresh fruit, veg, meat straight from their farm. They taught us Swahili phrases, how to climb coconut trees, make natural toothbrushes from nim tree branches, weave baskets out of leaves, collect water from their well and so much more.

On a walk around their village, we met a guy named Chigo who was running a football training session with the local kids from the Digo Tribe. Whilst the older team training had football shirts and some even football boots, the younger kids who were also training with them were playing barefoot and in old ripped clothes. Chigo explained that his difficulty in progressing them to a team is that their families simply don’t have the money for any type of football equipment.

We asked to join in on their training session and they invited us to play the match too (how that happened I don’t know haha!) but I even ended up scoring for them (huh?!) and we were then known as Madame Messi and Neymar!

Amongst the lack of what most of us would take for granted, the amount of love and happiness displayed in their community is admirable. The kid’s giggling reactions on how they could see their faces on an iPhone selfie mode was incredible!

As this experience changed my life, I want to change theirs too. I’d like to create first-hand awareness of this community by sharing this story and plan to collect football equipment to send out to Chigo and his younger team of 25 boys. It’s not an easy process to send this out, but it’s not impossible and I have a fantastic UK based Charity, Just Be A Child who have very kindly agreed to help me with the shipping process.

I am therefore looking to collect the following in any condition (as long as they are in working, safe order):

  • Football shirts
  • Football shorts
  • Football bibs
  • Football socks
  • Football boo
  • Shin pads

To fund this, I will also be raising money of which £50 of this will go towards the certificates of conformation and health, import taxes, fumigation, transport to Mombasa and shipment of the football equipment and additional funds, I’d like to donate to ‘Just be a Child’ the charity helping me achieve my goal.

So if you are planning on throwing out any of the above football equipment, know any schools that are able to donate any old lost property or could help in any other way – please send me a message! ASANTE SANA (thank you very much in Swahili!)

To donate, please visit:





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