Fancy a winter season?

Even though it’s still summer, it is the perfect time to be looking and applying for your winter season role! Whether you’re out on a summer season right now or just working in your home country, there are so many different opportunities with staggered start dates that can suit you. Seasons can start around November time and finish anywhere between January and April. In this post, I have included some winter season ideas, different job roles and websites to help you apply. So.. let’s take a look at some of them:


Fancy working with the real Santa out in Lapland? You will get to witness the Northern Lights, meet reindeer, play with huskies and maybe even ride a snowmobile! OK you will have to work as well of course and here are just some of the jobs available:

  • Hospitality Managers
  • Area Manager – Operations
  • Resort Manager
  • Representatives Manager
  • Senior Representative
  • Resort  Representative
  • Hotel Manager
  • Assistant  Hotel Manager
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Hotel Staff Administrator
  • Chef
  • Front of House – Reception, Bar, Restaurant
  • Housekeeping
  • Elf
  • Resort Administrator
  • Activity Instructor

TOP TIP:When travelling out to Lapland, it’s all about layers and not necessarily bringing the furriest coat you have!! Make sure you take hand warmers too to warm your hands and also to keep close to your phone to avoid the battery dying!

Websites:  ,

Ski Season

Typically the most popular type of winter season and if you like skiing or snowboarding then it narrows your search right down for you! There are so many locations around the world you could go to; French Alps, Austria, Italy or maybe even Canada!

  • Chalet Host
  • Hotel Manager
  • Chef
  • Childcare Manager
  • Nanny
  • Nursery Assistant
  • Head Children’s Rep
  • Children’s Rep – Snow Ranger
  • Childcare Ranger
  • Ski/ Snowboard Instructor
  • Front of House – Reception, Bar, Restaurant

TOP TIP: Be prepared in some roles to work long hours. Many people who love skiing and snowboarding take advantage of these seasons as often they have great benefits lie ski passes and free hire!

Websites:  ,

Teaching English

Fluent in English? Perfect! That’s the first and main step on becoming qualified to teach English as a foreign language all around the world. Second step is to sign up for your TEFL Certificate available which you can learn more at: Teaching English can be done in Europe or further afield in Asia, South America, Africa etc..

  • Teaching assistant
  • English teacher

TOP TIP: Go for at least a 120 hour course for it to stand out to employers – anything over should be a bonus. Also if you order before 31stAugust 2018 use code: TEACH125 to get £125 off!


You can always be prepared for your next/first summer season too or looking into other careers that help you travel whether it’s in hospitality, animation, cabin crew or cruise ships. Keep an eye out!



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