My working contracts

Just before graduating from University in 2012, I stopped briefly to say a quick thank you to one of my lecturers, Patrick Trodden for his help throughout my course. This quick thank you to turned into the dreaded chat for every graduate ‘what are you going to do next?’. Of course I had wanted to travel since I was 15 ‘maybe travel?’ I said not knowing how on earth I could afford to do it what with being £1,000,000 in uni debt. ‘Send off an application for Disney Cruise Line!’, he told me. My response being ‘erm Disney have cruise ships?!’.

Less than a year later, I flew to Vancouver to start training for Mickey Mouse! 6 months on the ship and 9 weeks off, sounds great doesn’t it? It was but at the same time those 6 months of no days off were tough! Little did I know this was the start of my working abroad adventures and the first of 2 contracts working for the mouse.


Me and my ship friends

After 2 contracts on the Disney Wonder, I tried to settle back into life in the UK, which was more difficult than it sounds! Racking my brains of what career I could get into, it became stressful. I’d pulled pints, waited tables and pulled pints some more – surely I could do more than that?!

Then, that’s when I remembered something I had looked into a couple of years before…. TEFL! Travel the world and get paid to teach my native language? Why not! £279 for a 20 hour course with classroom training, booked it, met a group of great people and flew to Barcelona to teach English.


Me enjoying some time off in Barcelona eating a sea urchin!

What’s next? A good friend of mine sent me some information on roles at Eurocamp. At first I wasn’t so keen on the idea as I’d had another offer from Disney to go and work in China to teach English in their school. After a long, complicated and expensive visa process with Disney which seemed to take forever, I took a management role with Eurocamp and moved to France for 6 months (and had the time of my life!!)

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 23.51.40

Bit of windsurfing on my day off!

Eurocamp is of course summer seasonal work so a couple of days after returning from France, I was searching through the internet for a winter contract but wasn’t so keen on a ski season (I’m not the most elegant of skier!). That’s when I came across a Senior Rep role in Lapland… perfect!

In winter 2017, I flew out to Rovaniemi and completed a short contract out there with the big man himself, Santa! Weeks of huskies, snowmobiling, Northern Lights, reindeer and more was so much fun but all good things come to an end (for now) and now I’m back off to Eurocamp as Area Trainer for summer, 2018.


Having a rest from tobogganing!

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