Copenhagen, Malmö, Stockholm and Munich

Copenhagen, Denmark and Malmö & Stockholm, Sweden

WOW OH WOW to Copenhagen. Probably one of the most expensive cities I’ve ever been to but totally worth it. I’d wanted to see my cousin Sara who was living in Malmö, Sweden ever since our Portugal holiday in 2016 and as Copenhagen was the closest airport to her city, I’d been keeping an eye out for cheap flights. As soon as Mom called me about a flight from Luton airport for £17.99, I booked it within half an hour! It was in Luton departure lounge for this trip where I decided to start my Travel Blog.

Sara met me at Copenhagen airport and we headed straight to BANKERÅT bar where we met her friends Lisbet and Martin, 2 very talented members of a 4-piece band, COSMIC WAVES. We washed down a pile of nachos with a Krenkerup beer whilst listening to their new music and soon moved on to the next bar Kalaset. Few cocktails later it was border crossing time to Malmö, Sweden.

It really wasn’t a long journey so it’s a really good way to enjoy two beautiful countries. I stayed in Sara’s apartment and we pretty much spent it slobbing around eating cheese and drinking coffee! And when we had energy, there was also some clothes shopping, touring around Malmö, drinking cocktails and maybe rocking up at some underground graffiti style party, you know, just the usual.

After a few days, I decided to travel a long 5 hour train journey up to Stockholm to visit more family. My Uncle and cousin met me at the train station and we drove through Stockholm where I’d been 10 years earlier! I hadn’t seen my cousin since I’d watched one of his football matches in Borehamwood 2 years earlier so it was great to finally spend some time together! As he was playing for Bayern Munich U19’s he’s away a lot, so we just had time to go out for a burger before he had to fly back to Munich early the next morning!


Although I didn’t do any typical sightseeing this time round, I spent my time between my family’s apartment and their neighbours. This is where I met Lalash, the sweetest, most determined girl ever who is very focused on her music and spends a lot of time and effort on her >>Youtube Channel<<. She is also working on her own material too so you must check her stuff out!!  Within about half an hour of meeting each other, we recorded a quick video of us covering an Adele song and pretty much were inseperable for the rest of my stay! I also enjoyed some amazing food in Stockholm, met new friends and even learnt a big of belly dancing!

Munich, Germany

As I didn’t get to see too much of my cousin Tommy in Stockholm, we arranged a trip for me to fly over to Munich to fit round his time off. We met in the central square, Marienplatz and visited the Town Hall, saw the Glockenspiel and I did a little bit of shopping! Munich is a very interesting city with amazing architecture and a lot of history. There are street performers around the centre and in some of the bars the barmaids were wearing the typical German attire with their hair in pigtails serving the biggest pints I’ve ever seen! I stayed in his apartment next to the Bayern Munich training ground and he took me to all of his favourite restaurants, you really can never be stuck for something to eat whether it’s Greek, Italian, Japanese or Indian!


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