WE ARE FAMILY! Portugal, 2016


This holiday was amazing! The whole gang managed to finally get our timetables sorted so we could go away together and celebrate Granny Ida’s 70th! Unfortunately, our cousin Tommy and Auntie Annika and their dog Aragon were unable to come so we weren’t quite a full house but we still had a drink (or few) for them there!

We all met at the airport – Uncle Baz and his gang were wearing their holidays hats of course and then we made our way to Faro where our Uncle Aidan was waiting for us beer in hand. We had a gorgeous villa rented out, so we bagsied our rooms (mine was next to the kitchen obviously) poured a beer and went down to our cinema room to watch our Tommy’s live stream match!


Our villa was more than I expected it to be, a huge kitchen, swimming pool, jacuzzi, BBQ area and our own football pitch. It was just like when me and all my cousins were little again in Butlins apart from we had sun….and a lot of alcohol – and no redcoats. We had so much fun together and really made sure we celebrated our Granny’s birthday as much as we could. We spent probably half our time playing board games outside, scrabble being our favourite but also had our traditional family game of football and lots of lilo races… maybe a visit or 2 from the police to keep our party noise down too! Hey it ain’t no party like a…


Me and my Granny Ida had a ‘then and now’ picture taken 20 years apart… Butlins and Portugal!!


I visited the town a couple of times which was a good half an hour walk away where me and my cousin Liam did some of the family shopping and then me and my cousin Nicole made dinner for everyone on the first night (OK Liam, you might have grated some cheese).

The ladies of the family (me included of course) liked to have our jacuzzi night with a bottle of wine don’t you know… Me and Nicole were enjoying it so much that we forgot about the dinner we were cooking and burnt the chips OOPS.

We went out for dinner a couple of times, once was a birthday dinner in a traditional Portuguese restaurant, who didn’t exactly get the memo for our Granny’s birthday cake and shoved a frozen viennetta profiterole cake on’t table with unlit candles and asked us for a lighter!! Haha… the last night 20 of us graced the Portuguese streets and found an outdoor restaurant. The seating was slightly awkward for the waitress and she ended up falling flat on her face and me and my cousins ended up waitressing!




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