Tish’s Dad got married in November 2016 in Texas and guess who was invited?

I decided to combine this trip with a visit over to San Fransisco to visit some long lost family (I never do trips by half!). I booked my flights from Birmingham before I knew I was going to be in Barcelona at the time so I then had to book an extra return from Spain too.

So in the 10 days I had planned for this trip altogether, I had to take these 8 flights:

  • Barcelona – Birmingham
  • Birmingham  – Amsterdam
  • Amsterdam – Houston
  • Houston – Dallas
  • Dallas – San Fransisco
  • San Fransisco – Amsterdam
  • Amsterdam – Birmingham
  • Birmingham – Barcelona

Needless to say, by the time I got to San Fransisco to meet my long lost family, I’d managed to get very ill, probably due to all the flying and the time zones…moral of the story – slow down on the flight kids!

I stayed at the Wyndham Houston West Hotel, Texas for 2 nights which was amazing! Massive rooms, huge beds and they put on the best wedding buffet! I made the most of a night out with karaoke in the bar next door and just about made it standing to the bridal lunch the day after… oops.


Me and Tish at the wedding

After a busy 2 days there, I made my way over to San Fransisco from Houston via 2 flights. I nearly missed my connecting flight because of a delay which caused us to land at Dallas 5 minutes before our take off time to San Fran. I ended up befriended an old, American man named Ken who became my running partner at Dallas airport to catch our next flight! We were sure we missed it but I told him I wouldn’t leave him and my god did we RUN. Me with my rucksack, sweat dripping down my face and Ken clutching on to his cowboy hat and his man bag flying everywhere! I finally made it to the gate and turned round to give my buddy Ken a high 5 only to notice he’d had to stop to catch his breath… ermm KEN?!!! But I stuck to my word and went back for him. They’d closed the gates by the time we got there but radioed through to see if we could run down which luckiy we could! I never saw Ken again but at least I know we both made it to San Fran!!

San Fransisco is honestly one of the best states I’ve visited. I love it there, the people, the food, the bay and most of all, Alcatraz I’d read the story, watched the film and after this trip actually visited. I stayed with family for 5 days, went shopping, drank milkshakes, ate tacos, got tonsillitis, walked along the Golden Gate Bridge, visited Pier 39, sat at the dock of the bay and watched the time roll away…

After saying farewell to my family, I stayed at the Executive Vintage Court Hotel – basic hotel, reasonably priced with free wine evenings in reception which I didn’t miss out on! I also met up with an old friend, Master Sommelier Sur Lucero who had taught me about the wonderful world of wine when I was working on the cruise ship and with him I enjoyed the best food, wine and cocktails ever! Epic Roasthouse with a perfect view of the Golden Gate bridge, then onto Cotogna for the most delicious ravioli and cocktails at the top of Intercontinental looking over San Fransisco.


SF is just the BEST!

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