Singapore, Bali, Gili Islands

In June 2016, I flew to Singapore with a stop off in Qatar. Initially, we planned to go straight to Bali in Indonesia after my good friends on the ship from there had recommended it a place not to be missed! After speaking to more people, it seemed a good idea to split up the 2 week trip, so we did 2 days in Singapore, 3 days in Ubud jungle, 5 days on Gili Trawangan with a day trip to Gili Meno and 4 days on Gili Air.

We stayed at Marina Bay Sands which looks like a cruise ship on stilts and has the most amazing infinity pool! The room was HUGE and I took the picture below from our window..cropped-img_3193.jpg

We went out to Singapore Gardens by the Bay and had some Asian food in a nearby shopping Mall. There were so many things to do including a Night Safari which we didn’t end up doing in the end because our hotel was so amazing, we ended up spending most of our time there! We had an infinity pool too so it was just a perfect view over Singapore.

Next stop was Ubud, Bali – possibly one of my favourite places I have ever visited in the world. We stayed at the Jungle Retreat Hotel which is literally a hotel up in the middle of the jungle. Words cannot explain this place and 3 days were not enough for me here. There were HUGE spiders and the sounds of different animals waking you up early in the morning but out of all of the many hotels I have stayed in I WILL go back to this one.

The food, restaurants, staff, spa were perfect – they are the friendliest people I’ve ever met and I met some lovely people that were also staying there too. There was a Balinese dance class and also an early morning yoga class which I had to do!

On our 2nd day, we got a short taxi ride to the Monkey Forest which cost the equivalent of £3 to get in. You buy a bunch of bananas at stalls around the forest (I bought like 5!) and the monkeys roam free and climb up you and eat them.

The next day we did another excursion, white water rafting! This ended up being A LOT of walking up and down steep hills but it was fun once we were actually rafting! We sailed past some locals who were fishing and stopped off at 2 waterfalls.

We also got over to the Elephant Safari Park Lodge. We cleaned the elephants down with a hosepipe and got to bathe with them in their own shit – how fun! They are such beautiful animals!!

Then we took a ferry over to Gili Trawangan and stayed at Ombak Sunset– the party island out of the 3 Gili Islands. This island was SO MUCH FUN! We hired bikes everywhere as there are no cars on the island only horses and bikes – but the poor horses did not look very healthy out there. We partied, sunbathed, ate amazing seafood and had a movie night on the beach! There was an excursion we took to Gili Meno where we also got to snorkel with turtles and have food on the other island.

The last part of this trip was spent on the quiet island of Gili Air – where we spent 3 nights in a small Bambu Cottage. There were hardly any people on this island but quite a few horses and cows. It was really relaxing and the food there was just AMAZING.


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