Slightly More Exotic


July 2009 …me and 13 other girls went to Malia…No comment.


Taba, Egypt and Israel

Also in 2009, I went with Tish and her family to Taba, Egypt. We stayed at the Raddisson Blu, where we had a swim up pool bar. We went quad biking in the desert, sat up at the top of a mountain in a small hut eating local food and also crossed the border to Israel and swam with wild dolphins in the Red Sea.


Me and Tish in Israel, after swimming with wild dolphins


Up at the top of the mountains

Tenerife and Kavos, Corfu

I’d started Uni in 2009, so in 2010 I tried to go on holidays in the Uni breaks, I managed to go to Tenerife and stayed in the Bahia Principe Hotel and went on a catamaran excursion to watch wild dolphins out at sea. I also went to Kavos with a few girls and guys from school later that year: booze cruise, fish bowls, banana boat, black eyes…ahhhh

Antalya, Turkey

October that year, I managed to get out on the big family holiday to Turkey. 5* all inclusive hotel – what more could you want?! The whole week was a lot of fun, maybe not the last 10 minutes when we were all dressed ready for the airport and Sian pushed me in the POOL full clothed!! The week was mainly spent sitting at the pool, drinking Gin and Baileys (ew not together) from 10am-3am the following morning. Getting Granny Ida to order a Penis Colada always seems a good idea too..

Fetiyhe, Turkey

The following year 2011, again Turkey was where the party was at. Although, Granny Ida probably outdid us that year downing Baileys at the pool…. I think our theme tune that week was ‘WE LIKE TO DRINK WITH GRANNY, CAUSE GRANNY IS OUR MATE’.

Castellon, Spain

In 2012, I went on a 2 week Uni Exchange to Valencia, Spain. There was our group from Manchester, a group from Castellon in Spain and a group from Helsinki, Finland – it was a great way to experience the culture of the locals and get absolutely wasted on Estrella beer. We did party a lot but of course studied a lot too! OK more party than study, but hey I got a 1st in my dissertation on binge drinking!


Valencia, Spain

I also went to Valencia on a holiday with some friends that year to celebrate the end of University! It also happened to be the year that Spain won the Euros so there were lots of street parties, people jumping into a huge water fountains and every car continuously beeping their horn to celebrate! We spent a lot of time in the pool, at the beach and every morning at The Ugly Frog bar having our 1 Euro breakfast!

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