18th with Mickey Mouse

Paris, France

For my 18th birthday, after a Pussycatdolls concert (with Lady Gaga being the SUPPORT act – that makes me feel old) I got home to a surprise crate of blue wkd (though I’d already had a few years experience with things a tad stronger) along with 18 presents all numbered from 1-18. I was allowed to open presents 1-15 that night and the following morning Mom and Dad said they were taking me and the kids up to Manchester to spend my 18th with my family. Much to my disgust, because I wanted to celebrate in the 6th form common room with my friends!!

So anyway in the car, I got to open present number 16 – a passport cover, present number 17 – some euros and present number 18 – a box. The box was filled with ’18’ confetti and  written at the bottom in my Mom’s handwriting was ‘fancy going to Euro Disney?’. ERRRRRRRRM LIKE YEAAAAH!!

Next I knew we were at Birmingham Airport and I never gave my 6th form common room party a second thought! Me, my parents, little sister Sian (6 at the time) and little brother Cameron (2 at the time) stayed at Sante Fe Disney Hotel, Paris. We were heading off to Disneyland when it dawned on me I would have to do all of the rollercoasters alone because my parents hate rides, it’s bad enough trying to get my mom in a lift! So I went to the loo before we left and was going to meet my parents in reception. However, when I got to reception, 21 members of my family were stood in a line wearing silly masks and were singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY with Mickey Mouse and Pluto! It must have killed them keeping that secret for so long!


This is my crazy bunch!!


I have THE BEST cousins!


Right everyone get in a line and..RIGHT and LEFT and RIGHT and LEFT

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