Cruising and Schooling

Mediterranean Cruise

OK 2006, I was 15 years old, my little sister Sian was 3, Mom was pregnant, Dad was still sporting his ‘Stratford Upon Avon’ accent and we decided to go on a 2 week Mediterranean Cruise with my Nan and Grandad. We flew to Palma and visited Sicily, Naples, Rome, Barcelona, Corsica and Marseille. If you think cruises are for old people, then how wrong you are my friend, it was unbelievable and from that moment I wanted to work on a cruise ship! My Nan and Grandad had a blessing at sea for their 40th wedding anniversary which we were all invited on the bridge for and we were lucky enough to see some whales! We did have one night where the weather was really bad and the waves were crashing over the top deck, lifts were out of order, people were falling over and everyone had to stay in their cabins… but trust me and go on a cruise!


Me and Sian with our amazing Grandparents out on deck 🙂


Grandad Gerry always did have a very BIG sweet tooth


Same year, another school trip, another long ass journey – this time to Austria. Me and Tish got split up because of our annoying habit ‘yellow car no return’ that we still keep up till this day and I had to sit at the front with the teachers yay.. Anyway, we stopped off for breakfast in Germany (not as exotic as it sounds, it was probably just a hotdog). The trip really was a lot of fun – we went out swimming in a lake, got to go shopping and oh yes got detention because some beer went missing from the cellar..


On the ferry over to Calais, first part of our journey to Austria, when eyebrows were not in fashion.

Tours, France

The next year in 2008, I had the opportunity to carry out at work experience placement in Tours, France. I chose to work at ‘La Chope’, a typical French, seafood restaurant serving lobster and crab from the tanks. There were around 20 of us from different UK schools all working in different places. We met in our hotel and really had such an amazing week together. Flaming shots, great food, lots of ice cream and lots of beer… oh and work experience of course!

If anyone is ever in the Tours area and likes seafood, I really recommend La Chope – the food is amazing!



Milan, Italy

With some friends, I went to Milan, Italy – the fashion capital of the world! We did the usual at 17 years old, met people, went out, got drunk, partied in outside clubs, got fined on the metro and got one of them pencil drawing portrait things. When in Milan… and all that.


Fines are bearable when you can pay with monopoly money


Some outside club in Milan which I have 0 recollection of..


Skiing, Austria

2008 , first year of 6th form – first time skiing, Austria. Fell over about 23081028 times and me and all the girls fancied our ski instructor, Roman from Prague, he just sounds like a God doesn’t he? Went for 7 days and was drunk for about 7 days.


Skiing views, Austria


Other views after the slopes and after a few drinks


Skiing, Italy

2009 – second year of 6th form, second time skiing, Italy. Went for 7 days and was drunk for about 8 days..



With our Italian Stallian, Ally.. not quite up to Roman standards though..


Hangovers and skilifts don’t really work well

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