First Decade

Paris, France and Ireland

So, I took my first flight in 1991 when I was just 6 months old to Paris as my Dad has lived there for many many years. My second flight was to Ireland when I was 9 months old to visit some other family. After that, I flew to Paris around every 3 months until I was 2 and then another couple of times by coach from Manchester. Things got very exotic over the next 6 years when our family holidays were taken over by Butlins, Skegness with all my cousins, uncles, aunties and our grandparents!


The exotic Butlins’ beach


Me and all my family flew to Ireland for the Millennium where we stayed in a beautiful, huge house, visited the Giants Causeway and ate non traditional pancakes with syrup for breakfast, as you do…

Paris, France

Aged 10, in 2001, my parents drove me and my older sister Karla to Disneyland Paris where we celebrated Easter, ate a lot of chocolate and spent most of the time re-queuing for Space Mountain! Again, Butlins took over for the next couple of years where I developed a huge a crush on Jason the redcoat who had curtains like Ben from A1 – it was actually hot at the time…

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